Atascadero Attorney Releases Tips to Help Small Business Avoid Legal Problems

-Business troubles can arise unexpectedly in the best of times, but legal problems are always looming on the horizon when a business owner doesn’t take the time to plan and protect the business. The Daner Law Firm has some tips to help business owners avoid some of the most common legal threats.

The most common legal concerns for any business can result in financial and goodwill losses. Avoiding or minimizing financial loss is part of making good business decisions for any size of business. Larger businesses might have the resources to recover from to lawsuits or fines, but small businesses rarely have those resources. The smaller the business, the bigger the chance that not making right decision will result in the business not surviving.

Following legal guidance in the following areas can help avoid some of the most common legal concerns for small businesses:

  • Make sure your business is structured for maximum tax benefits and liability protection for owners, partners, and the business itself. As business grows, the structure needs might change.
  • File and pay taxes on time.
  • Make sure your business has the right insurance in the right coverage amounts.
  • Keep all licenses and permits up to date. Know and follow safety and environmental regulations, labor laws and all other regulations that relate to your business.
  •  Rely on written contracts with vendors, suppliers and professional services.

It’s always a good idea to periodically examine business risk and take proactive steps to avoid as many problems as possible. An experienced business attorney can help. Examining business risk can include making sure insurance is adequate, reviewing the business legal structure, reviewing contracts, partnership agreements, loans, permits and licenses, financial audits, employee practices and policies and company assets. If any adjustments are needed, make them as soon as possible.

The Atascadero attorney, Adam M. Daner, advises businesses in a range of critical matters including drafting contracts, leases, licensing and permit requirements and legal business structures. Mr. Daner has also successfully represented clients in many litigation matters. The firm provides cost-effective and responsive legal services focusing on the client’s best interest.

Adam M. Daner graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.) in 1994 and joined the California State Bar Association that same year.

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